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Here at you can find hundreds of links to sites where you legally can download free mp3 and music files. We have been collecting and personally reviewed this links that are presented on this site. No paying, just enjoying, doesnt that sound good ? Thought so… Normally you have to download illegal mp3 files to be able to skip the paying part, but here you will find sources to thousands of legal free mp3 downloads. Check out this site, use it actively and soon you will be the proud owner of thousands of legal quality mp3 and music files.

Good Downloading!

Acid planet– very good and not so good mp3`s Alt sounds – alternative free mp3 downloads – mp3 downloads from netlabels (can be slow) – live mp3 downloads (not the same as above)
Artistopia – thousands of free mp3 downloads Audiri – amateur directory, bullshit to incredible good downloads

Blentwell – –
various free music
Commontunes – –
music downloads

d1rt7 – beats, breaks, mixes, shit… – old fashioned music broadcast djouls – electronic, hip hop, jazz, pop, rock, reggae, world music
EMUSIC – 25 free mp3 downloads of any artist, after downloading you can cancel your account, a no-brainer, highly recommended Epitonic – excellent Free Childrens Music – indie music for CHILDREN free kids – kidsmp3 downloads

Solo Guitar –
full-length guitar songs for download.

Solo Piano –
solo piano music by popular indie artists.

Funky do Moro –
early hip-hop from Brazil, rare stuff, sometimes down (limited bandwith)

Guitars 101 – eclectic guitar focussed site, go to artist section Insound – variouds mp3 downloads iSOUND – thousands of free mp3s each ranked and sorted by genre
Kahvi Collective –
electronic sounds, download mp3
Matador Records – artists from their catalogue mp34u – lots of various mp3 downloads

Narcopop – free music, all styles, freemp3downloads

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Oddio Overplay – massive music resource OGGLE – search engine for OGG music PeopleSound – independant Artists downloads

Plinko Manor – free punk rock download –
rare old american music download

Purevolume – 100,000 mp3 songs available for free download Salon mp3 – lots of mp3 downloads
SingingFish –
search engine for music
Smart music – good collection, music downloads free Soundclick – 40,000 new songs a month, 1 million mp3`s Soundlift – mp3s and videos, close to 5,000 artists
The Weed Files –
lots of dowload stuff for your mp3 players

This Is Ska –
ska,ska and even more ska

The Dejunair Project – They are an instrumental group of many styles that releases all of there music for free. Members are located around the US and collaborate via the net. The quality of the music is up and down, but well worth a try 🙂
Unsigned band web – unsigned artists, free music Vitaminic – 400,000 mp3 tracks and 80,000 artists
Weedshare Search – search engine for weed files

Zebox –
lots of mp3 downloads in all categories

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