Here you go, the download link to the take me out to the ball game midi file

Click the link to download the take me out to the ball game file

File submitted Thursday, 02 May 2019

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

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This process can be continued for more MIDI devices by connecting MIDI Thru ports to the MIDI In port of the next device in the chain. Be aware that if the chain is larger than 3 devices, there is a chance that MIDI data will be corrupted and delays in communicating the MIDI signal to the device at the end of the chain become audible. This means that the time it takes to tell the module at the end of the MIDI chain to play a note is long enough to make the note sound late in comparison with the notes played on the first device in the MIDI chain. A symptom of this would be that instruments played on a ??YO(u?Nu ??????????????