Midi files – Song files

Here you can learn where to get midi files and song files downloads on the web


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What’s a MIDI file?
A MIDI file is a data file. It stores information, just like a text (ie, ASCII) file may store the text of a story or newspaper article, but a MIDI file contains musical information. Specifically, a MIDI file stores MIDI data – the data (ie, commands) that musical instruments transmit between each other to control such things as playing notes and adjusting an instrument’s sound in various ways.

MIDI is binary data, and a MIDI file is therefore a binary file. You can’t load a MIDI file into a text editor such as Notepad and view it. (Well, you can, but it will look like gibberish, since the data is not ASCII, ie, text. Of course, you can use my MIDI File Disassembler/Assembler utility to convert a MIDI file to readable text, edit it in Notepad, and then convert it back to a MIDI file using the same software).