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By Clicking "25 free downloads" you will be taken to emusic. They have a campain going on that will let you download 25 songs for free. You have to type in your credit card number and register, but as soon you have downloaded the songs you can cancel your account. You will not be charged anything. Take advantage of this campaign now, its free and thats what we like here at bestmp3links.com.

If you should come by any similar offer elsewhere, please leave a note in our forum so other people also can take advantage of it.

Napster also have a similar offer now, I suggest you sign up on both Emusic and Napster to get the most out of them (for free). The Napster offer is a free trial for 7 days. But after a couple of days, when you have downloaded what you want, you can cancel your account without paying anything. Take advantage of this offer now. They can suddenly stop it and then you will miss it. Remember, free music is always good music


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Downloading free pop and rock mp3 music from the internet its a great thing to do. Mp3 downloads can give you thousands of free mp3 songs and hundreds of hours of listening just by using your fingertips. Downloading music from the web is also very easy and very quick.


If you are looking for pop and rock mp3 music downloads this is the page for you. We have taken great care in collecting information that will make it easy for you to download free pop and rock music. Pop and rock music is very much in demand and our list below is a collection of some of the finest pop and rock music download sites on the web.


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There are good pop/rock music and there are bad pop/rock music. The bad one is the one that you can hear all the time anywhere, you can easily hear it on the radio, at the mall, in the elevator, well, its widely used for destroying silence and make acommotion. Good pop / rock music is not so easily obtained in the public room. Of course you can also hear good pop / rock at public places also, but it is not so easy. Specialized radio stations are good for listening to pop / rock music. They often specialize in a genre or a group of artists. and there are thousands of these statios so there are bound to be something for you.

Pop music is often defined as music produced commercially, for profit, or "as a matter of enterprise not art" though it may more usefully be defined by market, ideology, production, and aesthetics. Pop "is designed to appeal to everyone" and "doesn't come from any particular place or mark off any particular taste." It is "not driven by any signifigant ambition except profit and commercial reward...and, in musical terms, it is essentially conservative." It is "provided from on high (by record companies, radio programmers and concert promoters) rather than being made from below...Pop is not a do-it-yourself music but is professionally produced and packaged." Frith 2001, p.95-96)

Pop music is a music genre which began in the 1950s, and is music that is generally popular to a wide range of people. With the introduction of vinyl records in the 1930s, and later CDs (Compact Discs) in the 80s, recorded music became more widely available, as opposed to live music. Pop songs often make use of the 3-minute song to create hit records in the Pop Singles Charts (Billboard Hot 100). It uses melodies that are usually easily listenable, and therefore appeal to many.

Pop music is characterised by a heavy rhythmic element, and often with the use of electronic amplification, while the melody line may also be dominant. It also refers to popular songs that people generally enjoy singing. It is commercially and radio friendly, readily accessible, memorable and easily marketable, often with a catchy chorus. It draws from a wide range of musical influences from pop/rock, R&B, country, soul, rock, jazz, folk and more.

A major formative influence on rock was rock and roll, and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. 50s rock and roll artist Bo Diddley claims that the term rock and roll came from an Australian radio interview in which disc jockey Alan Freed described Diddley as "the man with the original sound that's going to rock and roll you out of your seat."

In the early 1960s rock 'n' roll was seen as being out of fashion, and at the outset of '60s British rock there was an insistence on using the term rock music. With the "British Invasion" this reinvigorated musical style spread back to the United States, and became a lasting international cultural phenomenon with considerable social impact on the world. Competing claims have credited it with ending wars and spreading peace and tolerance, as well as corrupting the innocent and spreading moral rot. Rock has become popular across the globe, and has evolved into a multitude of highly-varying styles with widespread popularity in most countries today. Overall in terms of album sales, rock is the most popular form of music since the advent of sound recording.

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