Midi – play any instrument

Here you can learn how to play any instrument by midi


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Karaoke comes from the Japanese word ‘kara’ and ‘one’, meaning ‘empty’ and ‘orchestra’. A karaoke performance can be termed a ‘virtual’ performance, in that a person can walk up to the stage and start singing without the aid of a live band. Karaoke machines provide that music. In a karaoke performance, the voice of the original singer is reduced in volume or is totally absent. Generally, there is a display of the song’s lyrics, as well as psychedelic color changes that are coordinated with the music.  

MIDI is used to generate ring tones in mobile phones. MIDI ring tones sound far better because they are polyphonic (play more than one note at one time) and because they use music synthesizers which produce a wider variety of sounds than possible before.