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Old time radio Good site with many links and shows
Crabapple Sound – Catalog for classic old time radio shows and vintage broadcasts with unique database search engine. Jefros Old Time Radio Page – Lum and Abner, Amos n Andy and others available On MP3 CDs. old-time.com The Premiere «Old Radio Site»
Radio Days This site provides history and insight into many OTR programs. also has many sound clips
SPERDVAC Home Page This is a Site that is excellently perceived, designed and constructed.Bobby’s Digital OTR – Old-time radio programs in MP3 format on CDs. Chuck’s Old Time Radio – Old time radio programming in many several formats. Cinnamon Bear and Other Radio Classics – Radio classics 1930’s and 40’s.Old Radio Shows – Site for collectors to buy, sell and trade radio shows from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Old Time Radio – Over 5000 old time radio shows in MP3 for downloading. Show categories include detective, thrillers, comedy, and drama. Includes guest area and member’s area. Old Time Radio – Offers two programs (mix-and-match) on a single CD. Old Time Radio For Sale – Classic radio shows for sale on MP3 CD; proceeds go towards the preservation of old time radio. Old Time Radio Home – Radio shows from the golden age of radio on MP3 CD. Old Time Radio Programs – Selling downloads and CD-ROM copies of radio programs in MP3 format. Old Time 40s Radio – Programs from the 30s, 40s ,and 50s on CD in the MP3 format. Old Town Radio – Offers a wide selection of old radio shows on CD in MP3 format. OTRCat Old Time Radio Show MP3 CD Catalog – List of shows for sale or trade. Includes sci-fi, comedy, drama, mystery, and western genres.Scenario Productions – Publisher of audio theatre, audio books, old time radio and vintage Canadian radio plays originally broadcast on the CBC. Scoots Brew’s Old Time Radio Showcase – Radio programs in MP3 CD format. Vintage Radio – Radio shows on CD in MP3 files for sale or trade.
The Old-Time Radio Bulletin Board submit any kind of OTR question, someone invariably will give you an answer.Jack Mann’s Killer List of OTR Web Sites This should give you a link to anywhere you would ever want to go in search of OTR. Man alive, Jack has really done an exhaustive job on this list.
«It’s A Wonderful Life» ~ Jimmy Stewart For you fans of Jimmy Stewart and the film «It’s A Wonderful Life», this is one site to visit.
«Classic Radio Gallery» What better way to listen to an Old Time Radio program then to listen to it on an Old Time Radio? here are a fantastic collection of antique and classic radios.
The Internet OTR Digest. The «Digest» is a world-wide OTR club delivered to your email box. A friendly group of OTR fans from the First Timers to the Old Timers.

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