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Cajun music is originally rooted in the music of the French-speaking Catholics of Canada, but not all Cajun music today is sung in the Cajun French Language. In earlier years the fiddle was the predominant instrument, but gradually the accordion has come to share the limelight. (The introduction of the accordion can be traced back to German settlers, who are more typically identified with east and central Texas. Though they were concentrated in Texas, many settled as far east as New Orleans, that path taking them directly through Acadiana.) There are many cajun musician practice jams in Louisiana.

Some folks argue that Cajun music is always dance music -- with or without words. With Cajun music's heavy syncopation, it would be easy to make that claim. However, so much of the culture is expressed in the lyrics that one cannot separate them from the music. Whatever one might say about it, Cajun music was created for a party: either a small get-together on the front porch or a foot-stomping crowd intent on having a good time. Cajun and Zydeco have influenced American popular music for many years, especially country music. Cajun sounds embellish recordings by Jimmy C. Newman, Alan Jackson, Hank Williams, Sr. and Jr., Doug Kershaw, Sammy Kershaw (cousins from the area), Gundula Krause and countless others.

The Cajun dance is usually a two-step or a waltz, while Zydeco, further described below, is a syncopated two-step or jitterbug. A Cajun dancer will cover the dance floor while the Zydeco dancer will do all his dancing in one spot. Cajun music artists include DL Menard, Dewey Balfa, Belton Richard, Blind Uncle Gaspard and Harry Choates. The younger generation includes Balfa Toujours, Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, and the all-teen groupe La Bande Feufollet.

Important Cajun musicians by decade include the following:

1920s–30s: Joseph Falcon and Cleoma Breaux; Leo Soileau and Mayeuse Lafleur or Moise Robin; Wayne Perry; Amédé Ardoin; Dennis McGee and Sady Courville; Angelas LeJeune; Breaux Brothers; Hackberry Ramblers; Rayne Bo Ramblers; J.B. Fusilier; Lawrence Walker

1940s–50s: Harry Choates; Happy Fats; Iry LeJeune; Nathan Abshire; Lawrence Walker; Aldus Roger and the Lafayette Playboys; Lionel Cormier and the Sundown Playboys; Lee Sonnier and the Cajun All Stars; Chuck Guillory

1950s–60s: Austin Pitre and Milton Molitor; Badeaux and the Louisiana Aces; Adam Hebert and the Country Playboys; Alphee Bergeron, Shirley Bergeron and the Country Playboys; Nathan Abshire and the Pinegrove Boys; Robert Bertrand; Sidney Brown and the Traveler Playboys; Doris Matte; Joe Bonsall and the Orange Playboys; Belton Richard and the Musical Aces

1970s: Balfa Brothers; Octa Clark and Hector Duhon; Bois Sec Ardoin and Canray Fontenot; Touchet Brothers; Camey Doucet

In the early 1950s, Zydeco gradually developed from the music of the Creoles in southwest and south central Louisiana. At an earlier period, Creole and Cajun music were quite similar, but after World War II, Creole music took off into another direction, incorporating elements of the blues and rock and roll. The accordion replaced the fiddle and electric instruments, drums, and corrugated metal washboard (called a frottoir) were added. Zydeco artists include Buckwheat Zydeco, Beau Jocque, Clifton Chenier, and Rockin' Sidney.

Swamp Pop, another music genre from Acadiana, came about in the mid 1950's. With the Cajun dance and musical conventions in mind, nationally popular rock, pop, country, and R&B songs were re-recorded, sometimes in French. Several Swamp Pop songs have started as a local Louisiana record which performed well on the national record charts. One producer of early Swamp Pop, Huey Meaux, is a legendary figure in the history of rock and roll. Artists include Zachary Richard, Dale & Grace, Tommy McLain, Clint West, Warren Storm, and Rod Bernard.

There are many sources on the internet to download music and to download mp3 files of Cajun music.

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