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MIDI is a technology that represents music only in digital form. Unlike other digital music technologies such as MP3 and CDs, MIDI messages contain individual instructions for playing each individual note of each individual instrument. So with MIDI it is actually possible to change just only one note in a song, or to orchestrate and entire song with entirely different instruments. And since each instrument in a MIDI performance is separate from the rest, its easy to "solo" (listen to just one) individual instruments and study them for educational purposes, or to mute individual instruments in a song so that you can perform that part yourself. 

There are over 250 companies around the world making products that support MIDI -- well known companies such as Apple and Microsoft, Roland and Yamaha, Nokia and Sony/Ericsson, and others.



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24 Channel / 192 Scene Softpatch Lighting Controller

The TL-5024 is an easy to operate, median size console which answers the need for both theatrical and concert lighting. It features 192 programmable scenes and 240 cues and programmable fade times as well as live scene control and programmable chases. MIDI In/Out/Thru cue system control. 20 Programmable chase steps with programmable chase fade rate. 0-100% chase fade rate. Use DMX 512 and 3 pin multiplex simultaneously. Simple, powerful and cost effective. 2 Year Warranty.

48 Channel / 1200 Scene Lighting Controller

This new 48 channel board answers the need for standard lighting control in concert with moving light control. It allows easy control of virtually all lighting by a single console, a console that has control. The TL-2448 controls 48 channels of conventional lights and 96 channels of moving lights for versatile and creative lighting design.

Features include:


The LanBox-LCX is an extremely versatile DMX controller suited for nearly any DMX-512 lighting application. Whether it should run a show stand-alone, controlling up to 6 universes (3072 DMX channels) using an Ethernet network, synchronized via MIDI or connected to a notebook via USB, with the LanBox-LCX it's all possible!

Communication ports
The LanBox-LCX has USB, Ethernet and MIDI ports which can be used for communication with e.g. LCedit+, but also for show control (MIDI). The DMX input can be used to grab and/or merge the DMX data from your favorite lighting console.
Analog & Digital I/O
Last but not least, the LanBox-LCX has eight analog inputs and eight digital outputs, which can be used to trigger your show from external sensors and to control external actuators like relays. The big 37 pin connector, at the backside of the LanBox-LCX DMX controller, provides the connections for the analog and digital I/O.

The LanBox-LCX can be used for applications like: theatre, recreation, art, shows promotional, music, museums, MIDI, exhibitions, etc. It has built-in show control software and large nonvolatile memory, so you can run your lighting show completely standalone, external triggered via MIDI, USB, network (TCP/IP and AppleTalk) or sensors or just with LCedit+ on a personal computer. Bundled software includes LCedit+ a graphical lighting editor for MacOS, OSX and Windows 2000/XP.

Pc retailers are hearing about it. Music store sales human beings are buying and selling it. Musicians and students are talking about it. Professional writers are publishing articles about it. Entire magazines are devoted to it. Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are receiving large grants to research it. Joe "Keys" Manzotti uses it when he plays with his band at the Holiday Inn on weekends. Just what IS this MIDI part anyway?
MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and has been the rage among electronic musicians throughout its six year existence. It is a powerful tool for composers and teachers alike. It allows musicians to be more creative on stage and in the studio. It allows composers to commit to paper music that no human could ever perform. Nevertheless it is NOT a tangible entity, a part to be had. MIDI is a communications protocol that allows electronic musical instruments to interact with each other.


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