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Most film and TV scores, as well as much popular recorded music is written and performed using electronic keyboards and other MIDI-equipped musical instruments. (Thanks to advances in digital sampling and synthesis technologies, the orchestra playing behind that big-screen block buster is more likely to be the product of MIDI than a real orchestra with dozens of acoustic instruments.)

MIDI is also easy to find in the world of personal computing. If your computer has a sound card, it also has the ability to play MIDI files (using a built-in hardware or software synthesizer that responds to MIDI messages), and with an adapter can also be connected to other MIDI-equipped products, allowing you to take advantage of various computer programs that helps you learn, play, create and enjoy music.




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Learning to play a musical instrument is one of the most rewarding things people can do. But why play by yourself when you can play along with a band? Standard MIDI Files are available for many popular songs, and when used with a personal computer or digital piano make it possible to have an entire backing band play along with you at whatever speed (tempo) and in any pitch (key) you desire. MIDI files are perfect for practicing with, as well as for performing when additional musicians are not available.

Some of these functions indicated in the status byte are Sign On, Sign Off, System Exclusive (SysEx), Patch Convert, and so on. Depending on the status byte, a number of different byte patterns will follow. The Sign On status byte tells the MIDI device to begin sounding a notice. Two additional bytes are required, a pitch byte, which tells the MIDI device which notice to play, and a velocity byte, which tells the device how loud to play the sign. Much though not all MIDI devices recognize the velocity byte, it is still required to complete the Sign On transmission.
The command to stop playing a notice is not part of the Notice On command; instead there is a separate Notice Off command. This command also requires two additional bytes with the same functions as the Notice On byte. Most mankind are confused at first by this approach to Sign On and Notice Off, however after further thought they realize the necessity of the structure.

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