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Once you are armed with a decent MIDI sound system and a decent MIDI editor you will have all of the essentials needed to compose just about anything you can imagine.

Some criticize MIDI as a compositional tool because it is sometimes difficult if not impossible to (re)create the subtlety and realism of sound we are used to hearing when we listen to a musician playing a traditional, acoustic instrument. (My MIDI guitar doesn't sound much like a guitar!) However, it is important to remember that even if MIDI cannot always mimick traditional instruments perfectly, it is extremely good for sequencing and manipulating an enormous range of instruments simultaneously.

With MIDI you can single-handedly compose and play every part of a song from the drums up. It's like having an orchestra packed into your room, and you are the conductor.



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Compose Music with midi

If you've ever had an original song idea in your head and wished you could have it performed, MIDI is the way to do it. All you need is a MIDI Sequencer, plus a MIDI instrument to enter notes with. (You can also use MIDI Notation software to place notes on a musical staff without playing them at all.) You can start with just a melody and then add backing chords, bass, and rhythm later, or add instruments in any order you like. If you make mistake, you can change it without having to play the part all over again. You can also make entire sections repeat without playing them again. And you can rearrange and reorchestrate your song as many times as you like. 

Basically, the pc functions the same as any other unit in a MIDI chain or loop. Most interfaces have the same three ports as other MIDI devices. The machine's main job in a chain, though, would be as a MIDI data driver, meaning it would supply the MIDI data for the rest of the chain. Very rarely is a device connected to the IN port of a pc MIDI interface except to provide input for synchronization signals or data to edit. Much more rare is a connection to the pc's THRU port, although it can be used.
In this scope the implementation of MIDI channels is most effective. The pc can send data gone on all 16 MIDI channels simultaneously. For example, sixteen MIDI devices, each locate up for a different MIDI channel, could be connected to the machine. Each unit could be playing a separate path in a song from the sequencer, creating an electronic orchestra. This implementation is being used more and more in today's music scenes: the recording studio, major orchestras, opera, and film scoring.


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