Den britiske singer-songwriteren JP Cooper følger opp suksessen med debutalbumet Raised Under Gray Skies med «Sing It With Me ft. Astrid S».

JP Cooper ble kjent med Jonas Blues’ hit Perfect Strangers fra 2016, som han både sang på og var med på å skrive, og slo deretter gjennom med singelen September Song som har strømmet over 10 millioner i Norge. Debutalbumet Raised Under Grey Skies, som ble sluppet høsten 2017 har gått til platina.

På hans splitter nye låt «Sing It With Me» har han fått med seg ingen andre enn Astrid S!

“I’m pretty sure that the reason most guys pick up a guitar and write a song for the first time, it’s usually down to a girl. “Sing It With Me” is a song about just that. It’s the idea of writing a song for somebody that you didn’t quite have the courage to simply say hi to.

It’s a romanticised version of that I guess, only this time the guy gets the girl (for me in reality I’d likely record it 50 times only to decide it’s terrible and scrap it). I wanted to feature an artist with an incredibly sweet voice and Astrid S fit the bill perfectly. I was so excited to hear her on the track and she definitely delivered. I tried my best to write a chorus that was almost as infectious as ‘Baby Shark’ but very quickly realised that it was impossible. Overall, I think it turned out pretty well.”