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Downloading free electronic mp3 music from the internet its a great thing to do. Electronic and other music Mp3 downloads can give you thousands of free mp3 songs and hundreds of hours of listening just by using your fingertips. Downloading music from the web is also very easy and very quick.

If you are looking for electronic mp3 music downloads this is the page for you. We have taken great care in collecting information that will make it easy for you to download free electronic music. Electronic music its very much in demand and our list below is a collection of some of the finest electronic music download sites.

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Acidplanet – very good and not so good electronic music Altsounds – alternative and electronic
Ampcast archive.org – netlabel archive.org – live music archive
ArtistopiaAudiri – amateur directory, ranges from bullshit to incredible good electronic music

Blentwell – various electronic music
Commontunes – lots
d1rt7 – beats, breaks, mixes, shit… well, mp3`s
Erik Brown’s MP3 Links
– great mp3 site

EMUSIC – electronic and more – 25 free mp3 downloads of any artist, after downloading you can cancel your account, a no-brainer,highly recommended

Epitonic – excellent

Free Music Group – http://FreeMusicGroup.com
quick reference page to several free, legal mp3 sites, also electronic

hippocamp.net – huge electronic mp3 music net label
IC-MusicMedia – hosts mp3s and videos, close to 5,000 artists
iSOUND – thousands of free mp3s each ranked and sorted by genres.

Kahvi Collective – http://www.kahvi.org/96.php
electronic mp3 sounds

NetNewMusic– contemporary classical and avant garde music, partly electronic
Oddio Overplay – massive music resource
OGGLE – search engine for OGG music
Purevolume – 100,000 songs available for free download

PeopleSound – http://www.peoplesound.com
independant artists

remixwars.com – http://www.remixwars.com
a site that features a wide variety of electronic

Salon – lots of mp3

SingingFish – http://singingfish.com
another search engine for music

Smart-music – good collection
Soundclick – 40,000 new mp3 songs a month, 1 million mp3`s

The Free Music Directory – all styles, much electronic music and mp3
The Weed Files
Vitaminic -400,000 mp3 tracks and 80,000 artists.

Weedshare Search – http://www.weed-music-download.com/
search engine for weed files


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Electronic music is a term for music created using electronic devices. As defined by the IEEE standards body, electronic devices are low-power systems and use components such as transistors and integrated circuits. Working from this definition, distinction can be made between instruments that produce sound through electromechanical means as opposed to instruments that produce sound using electronic components. Examples of an electromechanical instrument are the teleharmonium, Hammond B3, and the electric guitar, whereas examples of an electronic instrument are a Theremin, synthesizer, and a computer.

Electronic music, especially in the late 1990s fractured into many genres, styles and sub-styles, too many to list here, and most of which are included in the main list. Although there are no hard and fast boundaries, broadly speaking we can identify the experimental and classical styles: electronic art music, musique concrète; the industrial music and synth pop styles of the 1980s; styles that are primarily intended for dance such as italo disco, techno, house, trance, electro, breakbeat, drum and bass and styles that are intended more as experimental styles or for home listening such as IDM, glitch and trip-hop.

The proliferation of personal computers beginning in the 1980s brought about a new genre of electronic music, known loosely as chip music or bitpop. These styles, produced initially using specialized sound chips in PCs such as the Commodore 64, grew primarily out of the demoscene. The latter categories such as IDM, glitch and chip music share much in common with the art and musique concrète styles which predate it by several decades.

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