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Legal Free Mp3 Dowloads – Is It Possible ?

Dowloading free mp3 music from the internet is a great thing to do. Mp3 dowloads can give you thousands of free mp3 songs and hundreds of hours of listening just by using your fingertips. However, the common way to do dowload mp3 music is illegal… but there is an other method.

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Its a fact that companies and individuals are getting sued for encouraging and dowloading illegal music. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and their sister organizations in other countries have recently been passing out large fines trying to prevent illegal mp3 dowloads. A bunch of music dowload networks, like Napster, Kazaa, Winmx has been stopped, Grokster and Morpheus faces an uncertain future.

So what will the future bring ? Can I still dowload free mp3 music ? The answer is YES, you can still keep your mp3 players cookin` and your feet dancin`. There are tons of websites in various sizes and shapes that are publishing free legal mp3 music, and they are just waiting for you to start dowload. Well, why let them wait, go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity, they are there for you.

After the close down of the big file sharing networks there are many pay sites that have licensing agreements with the entertainment industry, such as Rhapsody, iTunes and Yahoo Music. Unfortunately these top profile dowloading sites often charge a too big fee for their mp3 dowload access. Alternatives have arisen that gives you the same amount of content, but for free. Search the net for the free alternatives to Rhapsody, iTunes and Yahoo Music and you will be amazed of what you will find. The huge amount of free mp3 dowloads you`ll download will keep both your heart and your wallet happy. A comprehensive list of websites that gives you access to free mp3 dowloads can be found at Legal Free MP3 Dowloads

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