“This is one of those special talents who manages to make an organic acoustic sound connect with you on a first listen.” – Alfitude

“On the earthy, slowed-down ballad, Jenner contemplates loss, in an attempt to give hope to anyone who is processing some sort of emotional damage in their lives.” – Billboard

Brandon Jenner is releasing his new single Death Of Me on May 10th with an accompanying music video. It’s the first track we hear from his upcoming and third EP Plan On Feelings out on June 14th via Caroline International.

Brandon writes and records all his songs by himself in his studio home in Malibu. His self-produced debut EP Burning Ground from 2016 gave him a loyal fan base that have grown to 1,2 million followers on Instagram. The EP has streamed over 20 million times on Spotify to date. Since then he’s been on extensive touring with Rachel Yamagata and Joshua Radin and have also released the EP Face The World.

You may recognize his last name but Brandon is very different from what one who is familiar with his family might expect. Being the son of Caitlyn Jenner and Linda Thompson and half-sibling to Kendall and Kylie he was practically born into the limelight. He might have starred in the immensely popular TV series Princes of Malibu and Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but Brandon Jenner is not the man you might expect him to be.

With great emotional conviction and honesty Brandon Jenner deals with questions about the human condition in the 21st century. He also deals with his own battles with abandonment, worthiness and struggles with heartache, making it into something universal and relatable. Death Of Me is the first track off his upcoming EP, showing a new, bolder side of the Malibu based singer/songwriter. The song has got a distinct groove and a richer instrumentalization, without losing the nerve or intimacy of his earlier material.

Brandon himself says of the track: 
Having written and recorded this record alone in my home studio, I can honestly say that this music authentically represents who I am. ‘Plan on Feelings’ is the result of the progress made in my ongoing challenge to unlock the doors of my own vulnerability. I’ve never been more confident about a release, for I believe that if you truly put yourself out into the world, the universe always rewards honesty.

Brandon Jenner visited Sweden and Norway a few weeks back doing two packed showcases in Oslo and Stockholm also doing interviews with God kveld on Norwegian Tv2, NRK P13, Dagbladet, Expressen and Swedish Radio PP3 to just name a few.