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There are many mp3 music download sites on the Internet. You can search for them and about 42,100,000 results come up. Peruse the sites that come up and choose one that looks right for you. You should make sure that the mp3 music download site will give you legal downloads and that you do not have to download any programs in order to access the site’s “free” music downloads. Some sites may have you pay per song you download and others allow you pay one base fee to access all the songs they have. Beware of any mp3 music download site will so-called “free” music. They often times can come with spyware or viruses. These would really mess up your computer if you downloaded the original program that contained the trojan. So, the best way to keep your computer clean is to find the sites that you pay for, choose the one that is right for you, and set up an account with them. The songs that come from these types of sites are typically of better quality and there will not be a risk to your computer or privacy.
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