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The famous artists that make music and sing songs usually make a lot of money. They get paid per album that is sold and from their concerts and tours. What if they did not sell any albums at all? What if there was no legal music download ? With all the other people that work for them on their tour and concerts that need to be paid, would there be enough for the artist? A lot of people think that the artists make too much money. By downloading music off the Internet at “free” sites, you are stealing. Not just from the artist, but the production companies, the artist’s staff and crew and the people who make the whole album process come together. These “free” sites are also illegal, downloading music from them can not be close to call a legal music download. Stealing songs off the Internet is just as illegal as stealing from a store.
If you do not want to have to worry about whether or nor you are getting something legal, stick to this tip: If you are paying something for song, then it is most likely legal. Some of the sites you only have to pay about $0.99 per song. If each album has 12 songs on it and you are paying less than a dollar per song, then you are saving money in the long run. It would be cheaper to buy each song individually online, than to buy the album in the store. Plus, with a legal music download you can pick and choose which songs you want, you can sit down, take it easy and get all the songs you want from one place. Most sites have a little preview feature, so you can preview the song before you buy it. Other sites have you pay a one-time fee. These fees can vary from site to site, but you are paying for the songs that you will download in advance. These sites will really save you in the end. You will not have to worry about being caught with illegal downloads, but you are also not stealing from anyone either. So, look around, find a site, and get your legal music download!

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