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Free music download program

Want to find a free music download program? Well, there are not many and usually they are not “free” anyways. As my dad always told me, “nothing in the Internet is free.” If you find a site that you do not have to pay any money to, you usually have to download some type of program or told bar for your Internet browser of choice. Once these programs or tool bars are on your computer, you may begin to experience problems with your Internet or computer. Some of those free music download programs will install a Trojan program on your computer that starts to mess around with other applications. If you start to have this problem, go back and uninstall any recent programs that you may have downloaded and do a search with your virus scanner for any unwanted programs. This should help you out if you run across any problems. While looking for some “free” music downloads recently, I ran across a website that you did not have to pay anything for, or download anything from. However, you would not be able to take the song off the website. It simply opened a new window and plated the song with Quicktime on the site itself. You can listen to the song that you want, but the downfall is that you cannot take the song off the site to put on an actual mp3 player. Another site had a button you could click on that said free music download program, but when you clicked on it, it took you to a page where you could see the lyrics for any song that you wanted. There was not music involved. So basically be aware of what you are getting. If is says free, it most likely is not, and you will have to weigh the consequences to see if it is really worth downloading the song.

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