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Do you want to download a mp3 song off the Internet, but don’t know how? The biggest obstacle is finding a music download site that is of good quality and legal. Some of the sites have you pay a certain amount of money per song. Others have you pay a one-time fee to access their library. You may search the net for “download mp3 song”, but most likely you will not get what you need from that search. Not all the music of the greatest quality on these sites, however. There are also sites out there that you can download music off of at your own risk. They tell you “download mp3 song”, but be careful with these. They may be watched by the government to see who is utilizing the mp3 downloads. They can track IP addresses and can prosecute you on the premise of stealing music. Once you have found a site that you like and that you think will work for your needs, pay whatever fee is involved and get to work searching. It is important that you know what song you want and who the artist is. Most sites do not work on keywords. There are a few that you can type keywords in, but you may not get the song you were looking for. Don’t just download any mp3 song, do your best choises and be patient to find what song you need. Once you have found the mp3 song you want, there should be a place for you to see what type of speed the song will download at. The faster the speed, the better chance you will have of getting your song before the program times out, or the person on the other end of the song turns off their computer. Once you have the downloaded the mp3 song on your computer you can have your favorite music player play the song. Don’t know where it is on your computer? Use your computers search engine to look for the song. It will find it by the title or artist and you should be able to play it from there.

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